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The team that is unable to play is “forfeiting” and is subject to a $100 fine.  The team that was able to play must claim a forfeit.  Note that you must claim a forfeit within 72 hours of the scheduled game time.   Log in using Login Form.  A menu will appear below main menu with form that will allow you to claim forfeit.  

General information

Your team is part of a Club which is part of a District; the Districts fall under the jurisdiction of the BC Soccer.

A number of Districts have banded together to form the British Columbia Coastal Girls Soccer League.   Each District has at least one member on the Board and these Board members create the rules and policies that govern the League.  

 It is important that you know who your District representative to the Board is because that is who you go to if you have a question that your Club can not answer.

The League Operating Rules are posted online and contain the answers to most questions asked.

League schedules will be posted on or about September 1.  The schedules show the game dates and your opposition.   They do not show the time or place of the game. Your Club or District will allocate the field location and time.   Some clubs give their teams a set time slot on a set field but there are all sorts of situations that can upset standard times and location.   Other teams find out their home field and time during the week of the game.

If you click on your team name and then on Matches up above, you will be presented with a list of all your games currently scheduled.    If you click on the team name of your opposition, their contact information will be displayed.

Games have been scheduled for the first 7 games of the schedule.   After 7 game dates have passed, the Leagues will be reconstructed with the top 2 teams in each of Divisions 1,2,3 and 4  moving up one divisions and the bottom 2 teams moving down.

Teams in Division 5 and up may be moved at the discretion of the League.

You are expected to play your games even if your best player can not attend or if you are short-handed or decide to play in a tournament.   While you can make an arrangement to play a game ahead of schedule you can not make an arrangement with another team to play a game at a later date.

Everything presented here is contained in the League Rules and you owe it to the players on your team to read the Rules.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze are gone; replaced by Divisions numbered 1 and up.  Divisions 1 and 2 are eight team leagues and  would include most of what were last years Gold teams.  They will play B Cup.  

 Divisions 3 and 4 are ten team leagues and will include most of what were last years Silver teams.   They will play C Cup.

Divisions 5 and up for U16 through U18 will be 10 team leagues where possible and will be organized based on last years point standings with the teams with the most points playing together and the teams with the least points playing together.

All above Divisions will be reorganized after 7 games with the bottom two teams in any age group moving down a Division and the top two teams moving up at the discretion of the League.  

Divisions 5 and up for U13 through U15 will be 10 team leagues where possible and be organized as much as possible on a geographic basis.  The top teams in these divisions may be moved into Division 4 after 7 games.

U12  U12’s are divided into 4 Divisions; Division 1w and 1E, Division 2W and 2E.  After 7 games, Division 1W will become Division 1 and contain the top 5 teams from Div 1W and 1E.  Division 1E will become Division 2 and contain the bottom 5 teams from Div 1W and 1E.    Division 2W now contains the original 10 teams and 4 teams from Div 2E.  How Div 2W will be divided is still to be determined..