Division 2 and 3 Cup Draws and results for download
(updated May 1, 2014)

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B Cup Rep list
(updated March 19, 2014)

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League Championship Final Standings (opens in new window):

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Due to inclement weather the last two weekends the BCCGSL Board has had to make some tough decisions in order to conclude the 2013-14 soccer season. These decisions are not taken lightly and every possible scenario has been considered but at the end of the day we have to do what is right for the league and the teams involved because quite frankly time is running out. The BCCGSL Board has decided the following:

• All Week 5 games have been eliminated from the schedule.
• Final two teams based on the standings after 4 rounds.
• League Championships are as scheduled, Sunday March 9, first place hosting second place. If the game cannot be played due to a field closure, then the game must be played BEFORE March 15/16.


Groupings and Schedules

League Championship groupings and schedules can be found at these links (opens in new window):

U18   U17   U16   U15   U14   U13


Playing-Up Playing-Up Permits for League Championship play will be permitted only in the following situations:

  • Teams must request to the league via their rep 72 hours prior to the game for permission to permit.
  • Permits to a maximum of 13 players on the roster regardless of the team's original roster size.
  • All permits need to be filed with the league prior to the game.


Do you need to change your contact info? 
Please contact your District Registrar to make those changes.

Reporting Match Scores
BC Soccer recently further highlighted its commitment to the Canadian Soccer Associations (CSA) Wellness to World Cup Long Term Player Development (LTPD) program/model by re-confirming that there are to be no recording and posting of standings for U12 and below.

Please find information about reporting your match scores here.

Download this file (bccgsl league rules 2013-2014.pdf)BCCGSL League Rules 2013-2014 (pdf)[BCCGSL League Rules 2013-2014 (pdf)]1477 Kb
Download this file (BCCGSL Team Roster.doc)BCCGSL Team Roster (doc)[BCCGSL Team Roster (doc)]66 Kb
Download this file (BCCGSL Team Roster.pdf)BCCGSL Team Roster (pdf)[BCCGSL Team Roster (pdf)]84 Kb
Download this file (playing up permit.pdf)Playing Up Permit (pdf)[Playing Up Permit (pdf)]128 Kb