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Coastal Classic Cup Rules

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BC Coastal Classic Cup for Girls

Player Eligibility

All BCSA Rules and Regulations regarding player registrations apply to the Coastal Classic Cup.

Scheduling requirements

a) Teams may agree to play a cup game on a date earlier than that scheduled without approval of the Coastal Classic Cup Scheduler.

b) Coastal Cup games will have priority over all other competitions and tournaments and regular League games..

c) In the event of inclement weather, the home Club/district scheduler is responsible for informing participating teams whether any field is playable or not. If inclement weather should necessitate grounds and/or playing date changes, it is the prerogative of the home scheduler, to schedule such changes. Any game not played on the Scheduled date must be completed at a minimum by the day before the next scheduled game.

d) Rescheduling: In the event of a successful protest, or due to inclement weather, the home Club/District scheduler may need to schedule games during a recognized holiday period.  While every effort will be made to avoid the need to schedule games during this time, this may be necessary to meet scheduling deadlines. Failure on the part of any team to meet a scheduled regional play down game commitment can result in forfeiture of the game.

Dates of Play:

First weekend of play is Feb 24.  This is the round of 32.  Some preliminary games may be needed on Feb 17.  Next weekend is March 3 and is round of 16. and the Quarter-Finals will be on the weekend of Mar 10. The Semi-Finals will be held on April 7 with the Finals at Trillium in Vancouver on the weekend of April 21 22.

If a game is tied at the end of regulation time then two equal overtime periods are played to their full conclusion regardless of whether or not there has been any scoring

BC Coastal Classic Cup for Girls


If a game is tied at the end of regulation time then two equal overtime periods are played to their full conclusion regardless of whether or not there has been any scoring

Overtime U 13 – U 16 is 2 x 10 minute halves, U 17 – U 18 is 2 x 15 minute halves.  To avoid confusion please ensure your referee is aware of this. Taking a copy of this letter to each game is a good idea to avoid any misunderstanding. If a game is still tied at the end of overtime then the game will be decided by kicks from the penalty spot per F.I.F.A. guidelines.  In order to get all games played as scheduled it will require a high degree of cooperation  between the Coaches especially if bad weather creates field closures. Alternate fields are a fact of life on the West Coast. No one likes to play on gravel, but if a home team’s grass is closed and the away team can provide a playable grass field and referee by noon on the day preceding the scheduled game then the game moves, otherwise, the game MUST be played on the gravel field. In case of inclement weather, if the fields are open, teams must report to the field and the game will proceed at the sole discretion of the Referee.

Coaches may not agree to postpone or reschedule games between themselves. We suggest that if you are playing a team in Cup play, with whom you have a league make up game outstanding, that you count the score at end of regulation for League and final score for Cup.  This requires agreement between the Coaches prior to the start of the game. Should you agree to this then please report your league score to your league stats collector giving the date the game was originally scheduled to be played and the Cup score to the person esignated

on the cup draw sheet. 

We have supplied contacts for all teams in the draw this year. Please make contact early.  Home teams must check with your Club’s or District’s home field assignor and to confirm field and game time (it may not be your normal field and time) and communicate this information to your opponent as early as possible.

Reporting Scores

Scores for group or elimination round games MUST be emailed to your regular league Score collector on the night of your game.

When reporting your score please advise if the score was in regulation time, overtime, or kicks from the penalty spot. If, for any reason, the game is not played as scheduled, advise the score collector right away so the game can be rescheduled in time for the next round. Please also report any Red or Yellow cards issued.

Protests must be filed with the League within 48 hours of the end of the game. The written protest may be delivered to one of your District’s BCCGSL representatives or to the Coastal Classic Cup Schedule along with a $250 protest fee. Refer to the BCCGSL Operating Rules for more information on filing a protest. Protest decisions of playoff game protests can be subject to appeal but