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Winning (note change) team report scores by email as soon as possible after the completion of the game.  In the case of a tie, both teams can report or decide at field who will report.  Ideally, get someone with an Cell with email to report the scores as soon as the game ends.

Report in following format

U?? Div? Home Team Score – Awayteam score

Use the team names the way they appear on the Schedule (RGSA-U13-Loggers)


U15 Div 3  RGSA-U15-Loggers 2 CMF-U15-Fishers 3

If there are any cards issued, we want that reported to:


Richmond Coach got ejected

Most scorekeepers will post scores once a week.  I will post scores Sunday night at 10:00

The names and email addresses of the Scoretakers are