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U12 Cup Rules

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BC Coastal Girls Soccer League


BCCGSL Cup for U12 Selects

This is the leagues 5th year for 8-a-side play for U12.  BCSA regards U12 as a development level and competition is supposed to take a back seat to learning.We trust you have used the practice and playing time to help your players learn the intricacies of play.  Next year you enter U13 and 11 a-side play.  So to end the season it is time to play for medals and the annual cup.

Single Knockout Tournament

The round of 32, regardless of number of teams shall take place on Feb 24, 2013.   The round of 16 will be on March 3 and the round of 8 (quarter-finals on March 10.    The Semi-Finals will be on Saturday April 20 and finals and 3rd place game on Sunday April 21 at Trillium in Vancouver. 

 If a game is tied at the end of regulation time then two equal overtime periods are played to their full conclusion regardless of whether or not there has been any scoring.  Overtime will be 2 x 10 minute halves.

 To avoid confusion please ensure your referee is aware of this. Taking a copy of this letter to each game is a good idea to avoid any misunderstanding. If a game is still tied at the end of overtime then the game will be decided by kicks from the penalty spot per F.I.F.A. guidelines.

 In order to get all games played as scheduled it will require a high degree of cooperation between the Coaches especially if bad weather creates field closures. Alternate fields are a fact of life on the West Coast. No one likes to play on gravel, but if a home team’s grass is closed and the away team can provide a playable grass field and referee by noon on the day preceding the scheduled game then the game moves, otherwise, the game MUST be played on the gravel field. In case of inclement weather, if the fields are open, teams must report to the field and the game will proceed at the sole discretion of the Referee.

 In case of inclement weather, if the fields are open, teams must report to the field and the game will proceed at the sole discretion of the Referee. 

Coaches may not agree to postpone or reschedule games between themselves. We suggest that if you are playing a team in Cup play, with whom you have a league make-up game outstanding, that you count the score at end of regulation time for League and final score for Cup. This requires agreement between the Coaches prior to the start of the game. Should you agree to this then please make sure your scoretaker  understands that you want the score to apply to both League and Cup when you send the email.   Please make sure you include the date  the game was originally scheduled to be played 

You can find contacts for your opponent on the web site.  Home teams must check with your Club’s or District’s home field assigner to confirm field and game time (it may not be your normal field and time) and communicate this information to your opponent as early as possible.  On Sunday night it is imperative that the winner emails the game score to your usual scoretaker.

Procedure for kicks from the penalty spot


– Players on the field at the end of OT shall proceed to the mid field circle.

– Each Coach shall give the game official a list of 5 players.

– The penalty spot for U12 Super 8’s is 9 meters from the goal line.

– The referee chooses the goal at which the kicks will be taken

– The referee tosses a coin and the team whose captain wins the toss decides

whether to take the first or the second kick

– The referee keeps a record of the kicks being taken

– Subject to the conditions explained below, both teams take five kicks

– The kicks are taken alternately by the teams

– If, before both teams have taken five kicks, one has scored more goals than the

other could score, even if it were to complete its five kicks, no more kicks are taken

– If, after both teams have taken five kicks, both have scored the same number of

goals, or have not scored any goals, kicks continue to be taken in the same order

until one team has scored a goal more than the other from the same number of


– A goalkeeper who is injured while kicks are being taken from the penalty mark and

is unable to continue as goalkeeper may be replaced by a named substitute

provided his team has not used the maximum number of substitutes permitted

under the competition rules

– With the exception of the foregoing case, only players who are on the field of play at

the end of the match, which includes extra time where appropriate, are allowed to

take kicks from the penalty mark

– Each kick is taken by a different player and all eligible players must take a kick

before any player can take a second kick

– An eligible player may change places with the goalkeeper at any time when kicks

from the penalty mark are being taken

– Only the eligible players and match officials are permitted to remain on the

field of play when kicks from the penalty mark are being taken

– All players, except the player taking the kick and the two goalkeepers, must remain

within the centre circle

– The goalkeeper who is the team-mate of the kicker must remain on the field of play,

outside the penalty area in which the kicks are being taken, on the goal line where it

meets the penalty area boundary line

– Unless otherwise stated, the relevant Laws of the Game apply when kicks from the

penalty mark are being taken

– When a team finishes the match with a greater number of players than their

opponents, they shall reduce their numbers to equate with that of their opponents

and inform the referee of the name and number of each player excluded. The team

captain has this responsibility.

– Before the start of kicks from the penalty mark the referee shall ensure that only an

equal number of players from each team remain within the centre circle and they

shall take the kicks.