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Notes about the Schedule

  • All – The teams in Whistler play all their home games at home up to the end of November and all their games away after that.  Eventually, the schedule will be changed to reflect that.  
  • Some teams play their home games on Saturday.  Those teams have “Sat” appended to their team name.
  • U18 – 
  • U17 – A couple of teams folded creating byes.  Other teams moved into the byes.  Teams need to closely check schedule as there have been many changes.
  • U16.  – Div 3 all Whistler games at home until end of November.,
  • U15   Because of the difficulties integrating Saturday and Sunday games, I have created a Saturday only division for teams below Division 4.   This allowed me to organized Divs 5,6, and 7 on a more travel friendly basis..  
  • U 14   In Div 1 and 2  two teams will move up and two will move down.  There was simply not enough information to fairly assign teams to Div 3 and 4 so I have created 3 geographical Division 4 Leagues.   After 7 games, the top teams from these Geographic League will form a new Division 3; the next group will form a new Division 4 and the remainder will form a new Division 5.  Divs about 5 are geographic..
  • U 13 Oct 2 The Div 5E ABB Storm have been moved to Div 3.  The CCBFC Sharks have been moved form Div 5D to Div 3.Because this groups are all new teams, there will be a lot of opportunity for movement after the first seven games.   In Div 1 and 2, and Div 3  two teams will move up and two will move down.   In Div 4, the top three teams will move to Div 3 (filling the Bye) and the bottom 3 teams will move to the closest Division below.   The first place from each of the Division 5 Leagues will move into Div 4.
  •  U12  U12’s are divided into 4 Divisions; Division 1w and 1E, Division 2W and 2E.  After 7 games, Division 1W will become Division 1 and contain the top 5 teams from Div 1W and 1E.  Division 1E will become Division 2 and contain the bottom 5 teams from Div 1W and 1E.    Division 2W now contains the original 10 teams and 4 teams from Div 2E.  How Div 2W will be divided is still to be determined.A number of teams in U12E have folded and the schedule will have to be massaged to make it work.