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Please contact your District Rep for any questions or concerns regarding the League
March 13, 3:53pm – Coastal B Cup Berths have been finalized and can be found here. Teams marked in yellow are District Reps, and those marked in pink are Wild Card Berths. Good luck too all teams!

March 7, 8:42pm – Congratulations to all of the teams in the League Championships finals.

U18 Group 1 - RGSA-U18-Richmond FC v GAC-U18-Phoenix
U18 Group 2 - PMSC-U18-Palmeiras v NSG-U18-Vipers
U18 Group 3 - RCS-U18-Synergy v NSG-U18-Strikers 00
U18 Group 4 - NSG-U18-Anacondas v CWK-U18-Strikers
U18 Group 5 - ASA-U18-Hurricane v CFC-U18-00F White
U18 Group 6 - MSC-U18-Sprinters v WCA-U18-Pumas (Skeeles)
U18 Group 7 - NSG-U18-Grizzlies v SUSC-U18-Thunder
U18 Group 8 - GAC-U18-Fury v BGS-U18-Hornets
U18 Group 9 - CWK-U18-00 Champions v VAFC-U18-Strikers

U17 Group 1 - LUSA-U17-Langley Utd. Couture v GVU-U17-Devils
U17 Group 2 - CMF-U17-Nemesis v SDL-U17-Storm 
U17 Group 3 - NSG-U17-Fusion 01 v SUSC-U17-Fusion
U17 Group 4 - NSG-U17-Pumas v VUFC-U17-Reign 
U17 Group 5 - VUFC-U17-Theevz v PMSC-U17-Impact

U16 Group 1 - VUFC-U16-Comets v NSG-U16-Thunder
U16 Group 2 - GVU-U16-Selects v PGML-U16-Heat
U16 Group 3 - PMSC-U16-AC Selects v CCB-U16-Elite 02
U16 Group 4 - NSG-U16-Fusion 02 v RGSA-U16-Richmond FC
U16 Group 5 - CFC-U16-02F Royal v SDL-U16-Devils 
U16 Group 6 - ASA-U16-Athletics v NSG-U16-Wildfire
U16 Group 7 - LUSA-U16-Langley Utd McKnight v NSG-U16-Meteorites
U16 Group 8 - BGS-U16-Fire v RGSA-U16-Thunder
U16 Group 9 - VUFC-U16-Strikers v SDL-U16-Storm 
U16 Group 10 - CFC-U16-Eagles v VAFC-U16-Furies

U15 Group 1 - CMF-U15-Heat v VUFC-U15-Electricity
U15 Group 2 - SYSA-U15-Squamish United FC-03 v NSG-U15-Riptide
U15 Group 3 - RGSA-U15-Richmond FC v SUSC-U15-Fierce
U15 Group 4 - CMF-U15-Synergy v CWK-U15-Strikers
U15 Group 5 - PCE-U15-United v SDL-U15-Lightning 
U15 Group 6 - CFC-U15-03F White v VAFC-U15-Eclipse
U15 Group 7 - SUSC-U15-Wolverines v PGML-U15-Nightmare
U15 Group 8 - GAC-U15-Falcons v MSC-U15-Madness
U15 Group 9 - CFC-U15-Lightning v SDU-U15-Trouble
U15 Group 10 - WCA-U15-Celtics (Bonifazi) v CMF-U15-Dauntless

U14 Group 1 - NSG-U14-Interceptors v VAFC-U14-Venom
U14 Group 2 - SYSA-U14-Squamish United FC-04 v RGSA-U14-Richmond Galaxy
U14 Group 3 - SUSC-U14-Hericanes v CWK-U14-Attack
U14 Group 4 - CFC-U14-04F Royal v BCT-U14-Wildcats
U14 Group 5 - LUSA-U14-Langely Utd Baldwin v CMF-U14-Fury 
U14 Group 6 - SUSC-U14-Crush v GAC-U14-Scorpions
U14 Group 7 - WCA-U14-Div 2 Warriors (Huber) v VUFC-U14-Force
U14 Group 8 - PGML-U14-Strykers SAT v CAU-U14-Ravens 2004
U14 Group 9 - NSG-U14-Opals v CWK-U14-04 Inferno
U14 Group 10 - RGSA-U14-Red Devils v SDL-U14-United 
U14 Group 11 - SDU-U14-Thunder v PCE-U14-Impact
U14 Group 12 - WCA-U14-Cheetahs (Kilby) v SUSC-U14-Eagles

U13 Group 1 - NSG-U13-Avalanche v CMF-U13-Thunder
U13 Group 2 - CAU-U13-Fury 2005 v VUFC-U13-Venom
U13 Group 3 - RCS-U13-Westminster Whitecaps v CWK-U13-Attack
U13 Group 4 - SYSA-U13-Squamish United FC-05 v NSG-U13-Fury
U13 Group 5 - RGSA-U13-Richmond Lightning v PCE-U13-Storm
U13 Group 6 - VUFC-U13-Tornadoes v VUFC-U13-Lightning
U13 Group 7 - VAFC-U13-Gladiators v NSG-U13-Bandits
U13 Group 8 - NSG-U13-Leopards v GAC-U13-Lightning
U13 Group 9 - CMF-U13-Crew FC v VUFC-U13-Bobcats
U13 Group 10 - SDL-U13-Woodson v NSG-U13-Cheetahs
U13 Group 11 - VAFC-U13-Silver Strikers v SUSC-U13-Falcons
U13 Group 12 - LUSA-U13-Langley Utd Doerksen v WVSC-U13-Wildcats

February 27, 11:59pm – The BCCGSL Board met for the last time tonight to determine the League Championship Finals. Each group was discussed and the schedules for the Finals can be found using the links to the right.

Due to extreme weather conditions since January, the Board is encouraging any teams who can, to arrange friendlies within your LC Groupings for those teams not participating in the Finals this weekend (March 3/4).

We want to wish everyone — players, coaches, managers and anyone who has volunteered to deliver Girls Youth soccer all the best for the future. As you are aware, the BCCGSL will be merging into the new League, the British Columbia Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL), next season.

On a personal note, I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to all the District Reps and our League Manager (Gordon Quan) with whom I’ve had the honour to share the board table with these last 6 seasons. Sincerely, Michelle Chui (Secretary).

February 23, 3:40pm – Due to snowy conditions this weekend, all games this weekend are cancelled and will be deleted. The BCCGSL Board is meeting on Tuesday night to decide the remainder of the season. We will post our decision.

February 18, 10:45am – Due to the closure of all fields this weekend, these games will be moved to next weekend (Feb. 24/25). Previously arranged make up games are cancelled and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Thank you for your understanding.

January 15, 1:00pm – A STRONG reminder that all games (now League Championship games) cannot end in a tie. No extra time. Please go straight to PKs. Failure to do so will result in a $500 District fine and the game may need to be replayed in its entirety on Feb. 25/26 weekend.

January 6, 12:10am – U13–U18 only: a reminder of whom to report League Championships game results to. Please note that for U13 teams, your game results might now be reported to a different email, as the groupings are slightly different from regular season divisions.

Report your score to the same email as before except for U13:
U13 Groups 1–6

U13 Groups 7–12

Please help our score takers by indicating your game's age and group/division, eg. U17 Group 4, as well as both teams. This will make it easier to ensure that they have the right teams in the right group/division without having to scan the entire age group that can have as many 100 teams. Thank you for your cooperation.

Here is a suggested format:

For example, this compact/short line of text in the subject line of your report email gives the score taker everything they need:
Jan 14 U14 Group 2 PCE Wildcats 0 AFC Wolves 1

For games that are decided by kicks in a shoot out (kicks from the penalty mark), please report the score at the end of regulation time (the tied score) and then who won the shoot out. Using the above game example, the report would be:
Jan 14 U14 Group 2 PCE Wildcats 1 AFC Wolves 1 PCE wins in PK

January 4, 10:00pm – Happy New Year! As we move into 2018, U12s have had some minor revisions - their schedule can be found here (insert link). Also, for U13-U18, we are moving into League Championships. Best of luck to all teams! A reminder from our Operating Guide:

After the completion of League Play in December, all U13-U18 teams will commence play for the “League Championship”. Teams in each age group will be ranked according to their Divisional standings (i.e. Div. 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B) and those teams grouped geographically (Divisions 3+) will be melded according to their standings. Then, groups of 4-6 teams will be created. Teams within each group will play a round robin format with the top 2 teams of each grouping advancing to the Finals weekend.
**No Permits are allowed during League Championship.**

For round robin play, there will be NO extra time. If the game is tied at the end of regulation play, teams go straight to kicks from the penalty mark with points awarded both teams as specified.
Points in round robin play shall be awarded as follows:
• Win in regulation: 4 points
• Win via shoot out: 2 points
• Shoot out loss: 1 point
• Loss in regulation: 0 points

In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker protocol shall be:
• 1st tie-breaker – head to head results in round robin play
• 2nd tie-breaker – average points/game in round robin play
• 3rd tie-breaker – most wins in round robin play
• 4th tie-breaker – fewest goals against in round robin play
• 5th tie-breaker – at the discretion of the League Board
• Forfeits will be decided by the League Board.

Points are tallied at the conclusion of round robin play. The two teams with the most points accumulated in each group compete in the Finals.
If a League Championship Round Robin game is still un-played (see Field Condition Rule for LC Games 4.3), they must be played during the 2 scheduled make up weekends provided in the League Calendar. Teams must be prepared to play these weekends. Failure to do so will result in neither team receiving points. All un-played League Championship Round Robin games must be reported to your District Rep immediately. Decisions as to who will host will be determined by the League on a case by case basis.

First place teams in each Group will host the Finals.
For the League Championship Finals games only, should the game be tied after regulation time, extra time will be played.
Extra time is as follows:
• U13-U16 = 2 x 10 minute halves
• U17-U18 = 2 x 15 minute halves
If the game is stilled tied after extra time, kicks from the penalty mark will determine the winner.

November 27, 9:00pm – Due to a team changing divisions, the schedules for U13 2A E and U13 2B S have been changed. Please check the schedule to ensure you are no longer having a BYE or may now be having a BYE. We apologize for the disruption.

November 27, 2:00pm – In U16 1B, the NSG Rebels have folded. There is now a BYE in that division, please check the schedule to see if your team now has a BYE. We apologize for the disruption

November 13, 7:30am – U12 has been retiered, new schedules have been posted. Please check to see where your team is playing this weekend.

October 31, 5:00pm – Happy Halloween! Today is the deadline for Districts to declare District B Cup Berths. For the 2018 Coastal B Cup, the berths will be as follows:

1) U13 - 8 District Berths + 4 Wild Cards
2) U14 - 8 District Berths + 4 Wild Cards
3) U15 - 8 District Berths + 4 Wild Cards
4) U16 - 8 District Berths + 4 Wild Cards
5) U17 - 7 District Berths + 5 Wild Cards
6) U18 - 8 District Berths + 4 Wild Cards

** Wild Cards are determined at the end of League Championships

October 24, 5:00pm – A strong reminder that all Forfeits are granted by the League (NOT by coaches or refs). From our Guide:

4.14 Forfeits
Under no circumstances may a referee declare a game a forfeit nor may a coach “claim” a forfeit. Only the League has the authority to declare a game forfeited. There are few valid justifications for awarding a forfeit.
In the case of forfeiture, the score shall stand a 1-0 against the forfeiting team unless otherwise indicated by the League.
Forfeits are not automatic and must be requested by a team and approved by the League. Directions to request for forfeit are found on our website under the Game Forfeits link. This must be done within 72 hours after scheduled game start time. The League will review the request and determine an official response to the request.

Note that the League may take up to 30 or more days to evaluate a forfeit request depending on the circumstances. The League will not entertain requests for forfeits of games un-played.

The forfeiting team will be fined $250 and then $500 for each additional Forfeit in a season by same team as per Appendix A.
**The team requesting the Forfeit is the team awarded the points (if successful).**

October 19, 4:45pm – U12s – We will be re-aligning this age group at Remembrance Day as opposed to Winter Break (per our Guide 2.44)

October 17, 4:50pm – BC Soccer has approved our Operating Rules. The final version can be found here.

October 17, 11:00am – It has come to our attention that U16 1B, U16 2E, U14 2A and U14 2B-E were improperly re-aligned. There have been changes to the schedules. We apologize for this late interruption to our schedule.

October 10, 7:45pm – U13 has had many changes today. Please ensure all U13 teams check the new schedule.

October 10, 5:00pm – U14 has had many changes yesterday. Please ensure all U14 teams check the new schedule.

October 9, 12:15pm – The BCCGSL Board met last Thursday to re-align as per our Guide.The balance of the regular season's schedule is now available. All teams need to check this new schedule.

Many divisions have had changes, so please check carefully as to what division you are in. Due to division shifts, team pairings had to be re-done. Pairing is required for the most efficient field allocation for Districts with limited field access. Even though your division may not have changed, the team pairings may have. This has resulted in repeat games from the first four weeks in the schedule. We have done our best to avoid this, but they can still occur. We apologize for this and thank you for your understanding.

A reminder that those teams that have been moved will receive the average points for the group they have been moved into, unless it was a lateral move (i.e moving from 3W to 3E), as per our Guide.

When reporting scores, please remember your new division if your team has moved. The winning team reports the game result to the score taker. In the event of a draw, both teams report the score.

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the League to your District Rep.

Thank you and have a great season.

October 7, 4:45pm – BCCGSL schedules and standings will not be available while we update the schedules due to retiering. Please check back towards the end of the long weekend. Thank you for your patience.

September 8, 3:15pm – There have been changes to the schedule for U13 2B-S and U13 2A-W. Please check your schedule if your team is in any of these divisions.

September 6, 8:15pm – There have been teams folding in U15 1B and U13 2B-E, U12 1A-W and U12 1B-W. If your team plays in any of those divisions, please check the schedule as games have changed. We apologize for the disruption this has caused.

September 6, 12:15pm – Please report your game result as soon as possible after the game. The winning team is to report the score to your age group's score taker. In the event the game ends in a draw, both teams are to report the score. Do not assume the home team will report the score if you won the game. Please include the date, your age, division and both teams when reporting the score. This helps the score takers to find the proper game on their score sheet. The earlier you get the game result in, the sooner we can post results.

Report your score to:

U13 Div 1 & 2A

U13 Div 2B






September 5, 3:50pm – There have been changes to the schedule for U18 3S, U16 3W, U13 2A (now divided into east and west) and U13 2B-W. Please check your schedule again, regardless of the division your team is in.

September 4, 9:05am – UPDATE – Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be a score taker, all of the positions are now filled. We look forward to a great year of the beautiful game.

The 2017/18 season is almost upon us and in order for our League to run we are in need of Age Group Score Takers. We cannot operate without these valued volunteers. Without Score Takers, there will be no scores recorded and no standings calculated. Please contact Gordon Quan, our League Manager here if you are willing to be an Age Group Score Taker or would like more information. We require Score Takers for:

U13 - Div 1 and 2A
U13 - Div 2B

September 1, 9:58pm – Welcome to the 2017/18 season. The League Schedule has been posted, you can find them by using the links to the right. You can also look for your team by using the search page.

Please note that the schedule is still subject to change. Any notice of updates will be posted here.

September 1, 11:41am – Welcome to the 2017/18 season. Unfortunately, we cannot publish our schedules as promised as we've just been informed that there are a few team changes that will affect the scheduling. Once those team changes have been finalized, the schedule will be released. Thanks for your patience.

August 29, 9:50am – Preliminary league schedules are expected to be available on September 1.

July 14, 11:50am – The newly edited Operating Guide for the 2017/18 season is now posted. Changes from last season are on red. You can find the guide here.

July 12, 9:50pm – Please note there has been a revision to our League Calendar. The weekend of January 6/7 is now a District Play Downs/Make Up Weekend for League Play.

June 26, 9:50pm – The 2017/18 League Calendar is now posted. Please click here to see the calendar.