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March 21, 3:15pm – UPDATED MARCH 27 Please see the table below for confirmed berths to the Coastal B Cup. There are some District Berths yet to be determined (March 26) which may affect the Wild Card berths. We will update this table as we receive results. For information on BC Coastal Cup, please see the BC Coastal Cup website. Click here to see the BC Coastal Cup schedules. Best of luck to all teams!

U18 U17 U16 U15 U14 U13
ALO WCA-U18-United AFC-U17-All Blacks WCA-U16-United WCA-U15-West Coast Thunder WCA-U14-Wolves AFC-U13-Wolves
BBY BGS-U18-Impact RCS-U17-Synergy BGS-U16-Blaze CAU-U15-Snipers 2002 BGS-U14-Stealth CAU-U13-Chaos 2004
FV CWK-U18-Attack ASA-U17-Storm LUSA-U16-Langley Utd. Couture PGML-U15-Heat CWK-U14-Attack LUSA-U13-Langley Utd. Owen
NS SYSA-U18-Squamish United FC-99 NSG-U17-Vipers NSG-U16-Pegasus NSG-U15-Thunder NSG-U14-Riptide NSG-U13-Interceptors
RSA RGSA-U18-Richmond United RGSA-U17-Force RGSA-U16-Richmond Selects RGSA-U15-Richmond FC none RGSA-U13-Richmond Galaxy
SD SDL-U18-Select GAC-U17-Phoenix GVU-U16-Devils SUSC-U15-Heat SDL-U14-Spartans SUSC-U13-Hericanes
TCY CMF-U18-TNT CMF-U17-Predators CMF-U16-Nemesis PMSC-U15-Port Moody AC Selects CMF-U14-Heat CMF-U13-Evolution
VAN VUFC-U18-Wolfpack MAR-U17-00Phoenix VAFC-U16-Blue Flames VUFC-U15-Comets VUFC-U14-Venom VUFC-U13-Fire
WC1 SDU-U18-United WCA-U17-Storm CFC-U16-01F Royal CMF-U15-Aftershock VAFC-U14-Blaze SDL-U13-Hawks
WC2 PGML-U18-Legends VUFC-U17-2000Thunder SDL-U16-Storm WVSC-U15-Spuraways CFC-U14-03F Royal VAFC-U13-Venom
WC3 VAFC-U18-Phoenix GVU-U17-Venom CWK-U16-Attack GVU-U15-Selects NSG-U14-Apex BGS-U13-Intensity
WC4 AYSC-U18-Vipers LUSA-U17-Langley Utd. Yarwood BCT-U16-Tigers 01 VAFC-U15-Rain City Rebels SCY-U14-Storm SDU-U13-United
WC5 none none none none PCE-U14-Strikers none

March 14, 1:30pm – The League has determined the results for League Championships. Medals will be distributed to District Reps. Congratulations to all of the following teams:

U18 Group 1

U18 Group 2
SYSA-U18-Squamish United FC-99

U18 Group 3

U18 Group 4
PMSC-U18-Port Moody Blazers

U18 Group 5
NSG-U18-Violet Vipers

U18 Group 6

U18 Group 7
CAU-U18-United Parker

U18 Group 8

U17 Group 1

U17 Group 2

U17 Group 3

U17 Group 4

U17 Group 5
CFC-U17-00F White

U17 Group 6

U17 Group 7

U17 Group 8

U16 Group 1
LUSA-U16-Langley Utd. Couture

U16 Group 2

U16 Group 3
SYSA-U16-Squamish United FC-01

U16 Group 4

U16 Group 5
CFC-U16-01F White

U16 Group 6
PMSC-U16-Port Moody Impact

U16 Group 7
AYSC-U16-Storm - SAT

U16 Group 8

U16 Group 9

U16 Group 10
WCA-U16-Team Poutine

U15 Group 1

U15 Group 2

U15 Group 3
CFC-U15-02F Royal

U15 Group 4
WYSA-U15-Sea2Sky - United

U15 Group 5

U15 Group 6

U15 Group 7

U15 Group 8

U15 Group 9
RGSA-U15-Richmond Hurricanes

U15 Group 10

U15 Group 11

U14 Group 1

U14 Group 2

U14 Group 3

U14 Group 4

U14 Group 5

U14 Group 6
CFC-U14-03F White

U14 Group 7

U14 Group 8
LUSA-U14-Langley Utd. Yarwood

U14 Group 9
PCE-U14-Red Dragons

U14 Group 10
PGML-U14-Blue Thunder - SAT

U14 Group 11
RGSA-U14-Richmond Red Devils

U14 Group 12

U13 Group 1
LUSA-U13-Langley Utd. Owen

U13 Group 2

U13 Group 3
SYSA-U13-Squamish United FC-04

U13 Group 4
VUFC-U13-Silver Bullets

U13 Group 5

U13 Group 6

U13 Group 7
AYSC-U13-Vipers - SAT

U13 Group 8
BCT-U13-Hell Cats

U13 Group 9

U13 Group 10

U13 Group 11
PGML-U13-Tigers - SAT
LUSA-U13-Langley Utd. Somerville

U13 Group 12

U13 Group 13

March 5, 2:04pm – We thank you all for exercising patience and flexibility during this crazy weather year. The last games of the League Championships Round Robin are scheduled for this weekend. We thank all those teams for persevering during Mother Nature's chaos. Once all games are reported, the League will determine medal winners. We will distribute these medals to your District Reps. Apologies that these medals cannot be presented on the pitch at the Final as in previous seasons but we are doing the best we can. We have had requests about possible make up games going March 11/12. We will not discourage this but kindly ask that you alert our League Manager so we can hold off on your Group's medal determination. Once all medalists are finalized, we will publish the results here.

We thank you all for continuing to support girls soccer, it's been a tough year and we hope to see you all back next season. We would like to wish all our U18 players the best of luck and we hope you continue to play the world's most beautiful game into adulthood.

February 20, 9:45pm – Please be reminded that League Championships tie breaker is:
• 1st tie-breaker – head to head results in round robin play
• 2nd tie-breaker – average points/game in round robin play
• 3rd tie-breaker – most wins in round robin play
• 4th tie-breaker – fewest goals against in round robin play
• 5th tie-breaker – at the discretion of the League Board

February 14, 9:00pm – We thank everyone for being patient and understanding during this inclement weather. In order to complete the rest of the season, the League has decided to:
  1. move League Championship Round Robin Game #4 to the weekend of March 4/5
  2. cancel the previously scheduled Finals of March 4/5
  3. award medals based on results of Round Robin games only (no Final)
  4. continue U12 games as scheduled
So, in effect this means:

February 18/19 – League Championships Round Robin Game #5
February 25/26 – League Championships Round Robin Game #1 (rescheduled from January 14/15)
March 4/5 – League Championships Round Robin Game #4 (rescheduled from February 4/5)

Forfeits will be decided on a case by case basis after March 5.

Please note that not all Districts may have enough fields since most permits end in February. Some games may be scheduled on the Saturday. If home team cannot host and away team can, we ask that the home team travel.

The League feels this is the best way to play out the rest of the season and keep as many teams as possible playing.

Please direct any questions or comments to your District Rep.

February 3, 2:00pm – Due to snowy conditions and predicted subzero temperatures for this weekend, we are cancelling ALL games (Feb 4/5). They will be removed from the schedule and no make ups for all U12 League games and U13–18 League Championship Round Robin Game #4 (please see February 14 posting). Have a safe weekend.

January 22, 12:19am – For League Championships round robin play, there will be NO extra time. If the game is tied at the end of regulation play, teams go straight to kicks from the penalty mark (KFTPM).

Please ensure that referees and team officials are aware of the above at the BEGINNING of the game and be respectful of field allotment. Districts may not schedule extra time for these games.

January 21, 9:00pm – The schedule for U17 Group 6 has been adjusted to balance home and away games for the teams. If your team is playing in this group, please be sure to double check the schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience.

January 20, 3:15pm – U13–U18 teams: We are now in League Championships Round Robin Games (please refer to our December 31 post below). This weekend's games will go ahead as scheduled. We understand there may be limited fields. Any games that are unable to be played are to be made up on Family Day weekend (February 11/12) OR a mutually agreed upon date. We ask that you exercise PATIENCE, FLEXIBILITY and WORK COOPERATIVELY with your oppositions under these weather-related circumstances. Also a reminder that League Championship games have priority over District Cup games.

U12: Any games unable to be played this weekend can be re-scheduled to Family Weekend (February 11/12).

January 19, 9:30pm – A reminder of who to report game results to. Please note that for U13 teams, your League Championships game results might be reported to a different email, as the groupings are slightly different from regular season play.

Please help our score takers by indicating your game's age and group/division, eg. U17 Group 4 or U12 Div 1A, as well as both teams. This will make it easier to ensure that they have the right teams in the right group/division without having to scan the entire age group that can have as many 100 teams. Thank you for your cooperation.

Click here for score reporting.

January 10, 4:00pm – Due to unplayable fields, all games this weekend are cancelled. U12 games will be removed from the schedule. League Championship Game Round Robin #1 will be moved to the weekend of February 25/26 thus removing this Make Up Weekend. The schedule has been updated to show that the Jan 14/15 games are now being played on Feb 25/26.

January 3, 4:45pm – Happy New Year! Due to forecasted sub-zero temperatures we are cancelling ALL games this coming weekend - January 7/8. No makeup games are required due to this cancellation.

December 31, 3:21pm – League Championship Play begins the weekend of January 14/15. The groupings and schedules are now posted and can be found here or using the links to the right. Please direct any questions or comments to your League Rep. A reminder of our Guidelines during League Championship Round Robin games:

After the completion of League Play on January 8, all U13-U18 teams will commence play for the “League Championship”. Teams in each age group will be ranked according to their Divisional standings (i.e. Div. 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B) and those teams grouped geographically (Divisions 3+) will be melded according to their standings. Then, groups of 4-6 teams will be created. Teams within each group will play a round robin format with the top 2 teams of each grouping advancing to the Finals weekend.

No Permits are allowed during League Championship.

For round robin play, there will be NO extra time.
If the game is tied at the end of regulation play, teams go straight to kicks from the penalty mark (KFTPM).

Please ensure that referees and team officials are aware of the above at the BEGINNING of the game and be respectful of field allotment. Districts may not schedule extra time for these games.

December 30, 12:20pm – We have just been informed that the U17 Div 3 MAR Jaguars has folded. There has been a schedule change, please check here.

December 28, 5:30pm – The U12 schedule till end of season is now posted. There has been a re-organization as per our Guide. There is now a new Division 1, 1A, 1B-W & 1B-E. Schedules can be found using the Division Schedules link to the right. The U12 divisions' teams list can be found here or using the link to the right.

December 9, 11:30am – ALL games are cancelled this weekend and will be removed from the schedule. Have a happy and restful Winter Break.

December 7, 7:15pm – The League is fully aware of the weather warnings being issued for the Lower Mainland this coming weekend. A reminder that the League is NOT responsible for field allocations. Each District has their own field allocation policy—we ask that you be patient with this weekend's games. Some Districts rent fields from their respective municipalities, parks boards and education boards; other Districts have Club allocations - the League recognizes and respects these differences. Therefore, we ask that all teams exercise patience and understanding when confirming this weekend's games.

A reminder of our Field Condition Rule:

4.3 Field Condition rule
• If the Home team’s field and alternate are closed, the game is cancelled and will not be re-scheduled.
• If both teams wish to play the game and the Away team can provide a field, then Home team can travel to the Away team. The team providing the field must assume all costs associated.
• If 75% or more scheduled League games are not played due to bad weather that weekend, all games will be removed from the schedule and no points will be awarded for any games played.

Please continue to monitor this website for any last minute updates.

Have a safe and happy holiday break.

October 27, 1:45pm – U16 Div 3E - we have just been informed that the CCB Divas have folded. Please note all games v CCB Divas are now BYES.

October 10, 5:15pm – There was an oversight at U13. The U13 BGS Kaos are now in Div 2B. We apologize for this late change.

October 10, 1:15pm – There was an oversight at U14. The U14 WCA Wolves are now in Div 1B and the CFC Royals are in 1A. We apologize for this late change.

October 9, 6:15pm – The BCCGSL Board met last Thursday to undergo the Thanksgiving realignment. The schedules to Christmas are now complete. Due to several changes in groupings, there has been a lot of shuffling. We've attempted to make the most balanced schedule possible given the circumstances.

September 22, 7:30pm – We have just receive notification that the U14 Div 3S CCB-U14-Divas has folded. Please check for schedule changes.

September 14, 7:30pm – We have just receive notification that the U15 Div 3E PGML-U15-Hurricanes - SAT has folded. Please check for schedule changes.

September 10, 6:00am – Please report your game result as soon as possible after the game. The winning team is to report the score to your age group's score taker. In the event the game ends in a draw, the home team is to report the score. Please include your age, division and both teams when reporting the score. This helps the score takers to find the proper game on their score sheet. The earlier you get the game result in, the sooner we can post results.

September 6, 6:15pm – U17 Div 3E and U15 Div 3E - Aldergrove Youth Soccer Club has just folded both teams. Please check the schedule for BYES now in those divisions.

September 6, 5:45pm – U14 Division 3 - both ALO and SD Districts have just reported missing teams in this age group and tier. We want all teams playing ASAP so please check this schedule, it has vastly changed starting the weekend of September 18. No changes to September 11 schedule.

September 4, 10:20pm – As promised our schedule was published on September 1. As is the nature of girls youth soccer, a number of changes were made. These were only considered if the request was significant - either incorrect age group placement or complete tiers - not sub-tiers. All changes have a cascading effect on the schedule. Any further changes will be subject to a $500 fine and may not be honoured. As per our League Calendar - we will look to realign at the Thanksgiving Break. Have a great start of season.

September 2, 3:45pm – There have been many changes to the schedule since it's release on September 1. Please check your schedule again, regardless of the division your team is in.

September 1, 12:05am – The League Schedule has been posted, you can find them by using the links to the right. You can also look for your team by using the search page.

Please note that the schedule is still subject to change. Any notice of updates will be posted here.

August 21, 9:03pm – Please find the 2016/17 edition of the BCCGSL Operating Guide here. Schedules to Thanksgiving will be published on September 1, 2016 as per our League Calendar.

August 21, 7:00pm – The 2016/17 season is fast approaching and in order for our League to run we are in need of Age Group Score Takers. We cannot operate without these valued volunteers. Without Score Takers, there will be no scores recorded and no standings calculated. Please contact Gordon Quan, our League Manager here if you are willing to be an Age Group Score Taker or would like more information. We require Score Takers for:

U13 Div. 1
U13 Div. 2
U13 Div. 3

August 19, 9:03pm – In accordance with BC Soccer and to align with BCPL and MSL, as of the 2016/17 season, all U13 games will use the Retreat Line as per Appendix C of our Operating Guide.

May 25, 5:10pm – The League Calendar for 2016/17 has been finalized and can be found here.